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What is Japanese Engineer Visa?

  Status of Engineer is an activities to engage in services, which require technology and/or knowledge pertinent to physical science, engineering or other natural science fields, based on a contract with a public or private organization in Japan (except for the activities of the "Professor" "Investor/Business Manager", "Medical Services", "Researcher", "Instructor", "Intra-company Transferee" and "Entertainer" ).

Criteria for the Engineer Visa

 All of the following requirements are to be fulfilled; however, this shall not apply to cases where the applicant is to engage in services that require skills and/or knowledge pertaining to information processing, and has passed the examination on information processing skills that is designated by the Minister of Justice in a public notice or has obtained the qualification on information processing skills that is designated by the Minister of Justice in a public notice, in which case the requirement provided in item (i) need not be fulfilled.

(i) The applicant must have graduated from or have completed a course at a college or acquired equivalent education majoring in a subject pertaining to the skills and/or knowledge necessary for performing the services concerned, or the applicant must have at least 10 years' experience (including the period of time spent majoring in the subject pertaining to the skills and/or knowledge at a college, college of technology (koutousenmongakkou), upper secondary school, the latter course of a secondary educational school (chutoukyouikugakkou) or during a specialized course of study at an advanced vocational school (senshugakkou)).

|(ii) The applicant must receive no less reward than a Japanese national would receive for comparable work.

Materials to apply Engineer Visa

(i) Certificate of matters entered in the registry and a copy of the profit and loss statement of the inviting organization.

(ii) Material that clarifies the substance of the business of the inviting organization.

(iii) Diploma or certificate pertaining to the period during which the foreign national majored in subjects pertaining to the activities, and a document certifying the foreign national's career.

(iv) Document certifying the substance and period of the activities and the foreign national's position and remuneration.

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