Marriage Visa for spouse of Japanese nationals


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Status of spouse of Japanese national

  In order for non-Japanese people who married Japanese national and would like to live in Japan, he/she needs to be permitted the status of residence as a spouse of Japanese national by the Immigration Bureau of Japan. According to the Immigration control act. (Immigration law), in case of spouse of Japanese nationals come under the status of "Spouse or Child of Japanese national".

Permission for status of spouse of Japanese national

 If the spouse of Japanese national who lives in Japan, he/she can apply for "Change of Status of Residence" to a Regional Immigration Bureaus. The spouse of Japanese national necessary to change his/her status of residence when his/her activity in Japan is going to change because of the marriage to a Japanese national. However his/her activity in Japan is not changed he/she dose not necessary need to change his/her status.


  If the spouse of Japanese national dose not lives in Japan, his/her Japanese spouse should apply for "Certificate of Eligibility" to the Regional Immigration Bureau. The Japanese spouse can apply as a legal representative of spouse of Japanese national.

  Immigration lawyers who are approved by a director general of Regional Immigration bureau can apply for both of "Change of Status of Residence" and "Certificate of Eligibility" as his/her proxy.

Fees for marriage status


APPLICATION CATEGORY CATEGORY Retainer fee Contingency fee  Revenue stamp Total
Certificate of Eligibility Standard 50,000 50,000 100,000
Extra ordinal 75,000 75,000  - 150,000
Change of Status of Residence From other status of residence 40,000 40,000 4,000 84,000
From temporary visitor 50,000 50,000 4,000  104,000
Extension of period of stay
Same spouse with the last application 25,000 0  4,000 29,000
Different spouse from the last application 40,000 40,000  4,000 84,000

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