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How to get Special permission for residence

  Japanese government have never carried out amnesty for illegal residents in Japan. But Minister of justice can give the Special Permission For Residence for them. Even if you are illegal resident in Japan, you may get the Special Permission For Residence and can stay in Japan as a regal resident. But this is not specified rule giving the permission. The Minister of Justice judges for each of cases whether they should stay in Japan or not.
  We give legal advise and make the documents for illegal residents who want to stay in Japan with the Special Permission for Residence.

Deportation for illegal stayer

  Any alien may be deported form Japan who are illegal residents such as;

  1. Any person who stays in Japan beyond the period of stay authorized without obtaining an extension or change thereof;
  2. Any person who is clearly found to be engaged solely in activities involving the management of a business income or activities for which he/she receives remuneration in violation of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act;
  3. ETC

Special permission for residence

  The Minister of Justice may grant special permission to stay in Japan for illegal residents if;

  1. He/She has obtained permission for permanent residence;
  2. He/She has had in the past a permanent domicile in Japan as a Japanese national;
  3. The Minister of Justice finds grounds for granting special permission to stay, other than the previous two subparagraphs.

How to contact with Immigration lawyer

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  Please make an appointment and come to our office for the counseling.

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